Rose, Lawn and Speciality Design

Rose and Other Specialty Garden Design, Installation, Care, and Irrigation
The miracle is that you can truly have the garden of your dreams! In fact, why have just one? Within the overall canvas of your garden, any number of beautiful, individual, character-filled sections can be created. Specialty gardens, container plants, beds, potted plants, hanging baskets, perennials, native plants ... the options are plentiful. Le Quattro Stagioni offers the following and more:

  • Rose garden design, installation, and care.
  • Container plants design, installation, and maintenance.
  • Specialty Drip Irrigation design and installation for beds and potted plants.
  • Imaginative design using unusual perennials, native California plants, etc.

Lawn Revitalization or Replacement
The life of a lawn in Southern California is not an easy one. Due to many factors, such as the dry Mediterranean climate, the common use of non-native grasses requiring high water usage, and the commonplace poor functioning of irrigation systems, areas of lawn often struggle to thrive. Le Quattro Stagioni’s comprehensive approach is designed to ensure a thriving lawn—one that takes into account soil profile, irrigation, maintenance, the impact of surrounding trees, shrubs, and plants, and the use and care of equipment that is used to mow it.