Garden Beautification and Restoration

Our commitment to those we serve is this: to deliver impeccable garden care that nurtures every garden to reach its greatest potential. In addition, this care will be delivered organically (links to organic.html): a way that is not only good for your garden, but also good for those who enjoy it—you, your family members, children, pets, and visiting friends and other beneficial wildlife!

Implementing a restoration plan specifically designed to create the garden you want, your team will include appropriate tasks selected from the following key areas:

  • Pruning, shaping, training and development of trees, perennials, and vines.
  • Customizing care for rose gardens, fruit trees, and native Californian, Mediterranean, tropical, and exotic plants.
  • Enhancing overall garden health for optimum growth, vibrant, colorful blooms, and full fruit trees.
  • Trimming and renovating seasonal flowers and pots.
  • Developing and maintaining an evolving, organic mulching and fertilization program.
  • Applying select, custom-blended organic fertilizers specifically crafted for each area in your garden.
  • Supporting or introducing beneficial organisms to maintain the natural ecosystem in your garden and initiate long-term, natural pest management.
  • Encouraging beneficial birds, butterflies, and wildlife into your garden using a variety of plant choices and environmentally friendly products.

To schedule an evaluation and walk-through, or to learn more, please call us at: 310-452-5064 or contact us via email at

We look forward to the pleasure of visiting your grounds and learning more about your dream garden!