Ongoing Maintenance Programs

Just like your garden, your organic maintenance program is a living entity. It will change according to the evolving character and needs of your garden, your evolving wishes, and with shifting seasonal priorities.

This ongoing program of care will be specifically designed and implemented to care for and enhance the unique qualities of your garden. It includes four essential areas of focus: soil development, irrigation maintenance, pest management, and nurturing plant communities.

Soil Development

  • Applying select, custom-blended organic fertilizers customized for each area of your garden, its specific plant materials, and by season.
  • Nourishing the earth with compost and materials such as kelp, seaweed, mycorrhizae, and other organic elements as needed that will support a healthy base where plants can truly thrive.
  • Identifying soil composition and chemistry (analysis recommended every two years) that adjusts the fertilization program to your gardens evolving needs.
  • Developing and maintaining an evolving amendment, mulching and fertilization program.

Irrigation Maintenance
Regulation of your current system is included as a part of ongoing maintenance. Depending on the current functioning of your irrigation (sprinkler) system, an additional full three phase program of irrigation restoration may be recommended.

In addition, Mariela and her staff will offer up-to-the-minute information about remaining within current water restriction guidelines while maintaining the health and well-being of your garden.

Regular maintenance includes:

  • Monitoring the irrigation system once (and sometimes twice) a month to respond to the shifting environmental, seasonal, and meteorological conditions that often change at short notice.
  • Regulating coverage, making corrections in the flow as plant communities evolve.
  • Cleaning heads and filters as necessary.

Pest Management

  • Scouting for insects and diseases, establishing the proper method to control them, releasing beneficial insects, and always using natural products.
  • Supporting or introducing beneficial organisms to maintain the natural ecosystem in your garden and initiate long-term, natural pest management.
  • Encouraging beneficial birds, butterflies, and wildlife into your garden using a variety of plant choices and environmentally friendly products.

Nurturing Plant Communities

  • Cultivating of beds to assist smaller plants in their development—especially those close to hedges or individual trees.
  • Trimming and shaping of all perennials in the proper season.
  • Thinning out or dividing plants as necessary when they mature.
  • Graceful training of vines.
  • Relocating plants as sun/shade change over time with the growth of your garden and larger elements, such as trees.
  • Pruning, shaping, training and root development of trees, perennials, and vines.
  • Customizing care for rose gardens, fruit trees, and native Californian, Mediterranean, tropical, and exotic plants.
  • Enhancing overall garden health for optimum growth, vibrant, colorful blooms, and full fruit trees.
  • Trimming and renovating seasonal flowers and pots.


  • Ongoing suggestions as needed to make minor modifications if a particular area does not seem to be thriving as it could.
  • Addressing any other garden related challenges if they arise.

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We look forward to the pleasure of visiting your grounds and learning more about your dream garden!