Garden Evaluation

The first step in bringing forward the very best your garden has to offer is to complete an in-depth assessment of its current well-being. Scheduled at a time that is convenient for you, owner Mariela Guastavino will personally walk through your gardens with you (or your chosen representative).

The intention of this walkthrough is three-fold. First, to listen to and clarify your personal vision for your garden. Second, to assess the health of each sub-community, whether trees, plants, lawns, or other accents. Third, to evaluate the current condition of the soil, irrigation systems, and the impact of sun/shade cycles and other unique meteorological or topographical characteristics of your garden. All these findings will be the furnished to you in a detailed report.

Our report will give you a step-by-step analysis of what is required to create the garden you envision—and how to maintain it at it’s best. It will indicate current strengths, challenges, and areas of opportunity for your green spaces and make clear recommendations.

At Le Quattro Stagioni, we also recognize that stewarding the natural resources of your garden includes stewarding the financial resources you wish to allocate to it. Tiered options are available upon request, so that you can make informed choices as to which areas you wish to make a primary focus of your evolving vision for your garden.

Your in-depth report is founded upon these essential elements:

  • Listening carefully to your vision for your garden.
  • Evaluating the foundations of your garden: analysis of soil chemistry, plant health, and irrigation effectiveness.
  • Clarifying the specific shaping and training needs of plants and trees.
  • Identifying the presence and impact of harmful fungus, insects, or other detrimental organisms.
  • Reviewing garden design for possible plant relocation or addition of perennials to enhance sun, shade, and water use.

To schedule an evaluation and walk-through, or to learn more, please call us at: 310-452-5064 or contact us via email at

We look forward to the pleasure of visiting your grounds and learning more about your dream garden!