Le Quattro Stagioni’s promise to you: As we nourish your garden, your garden will nourish you.

For all of us that have the privilege of tending to the Le Quattro Stagioni family of gardens, along with our cherished clients whose grounds we care for, at the heart of our commitment to organic gardening practices is exactly that—heart.

Organic gardening recognizes and celebrates the assertion that we exist within a vibrant, living relationship with the natural world. Our primary intention is to enter into that relationship consciously and sustain it from a place of loving.

A garden is not only a wonderful means of providing a place to relax and replenish, play, or to provide food. It is also a model of what is possible in a successful global community, one where we promote a more considerate way of living that encourages greater well-being for all, not only physically but also mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. Sustainable gardening practices—for the earth, its bird, animal, aquatic, and insect kingdoms—mirror sustainable living practices for us all.

An organic approach recognizes that every part of the living organism of your garden—from the smallest soil particle to the grandest tree, from the butterfly cocoon to the animals and humans that roam its surface—are interconnected. Through the use of organic practices (links to practices.html), the goal of our approach is to nurture and maintain a natural balance that has evolved through millennia and lovingly steward the immense beauty it provides.

The Benefits of Organic:

Organic is delicious: If you choose to plant and harvest fruits and vegetables from your garden, organic will have flavor that is unsurpassed.

Organic is clean: Avoiding the use of toxic chemical biocides makes your garden safer for you, your family, pets, wildlife, and our gardeners too! Every garden that maintains organic practices also contributes to a cleaner, safer planet.

Organic is anxiety-free: By avoiding the use of toxic chemicals, you no longer need to walk the “risk/benefit tight-rope.”

Organic is sustainable: It is not an approach that creates dust bowls, dry aquifers, pest imbalances and outbreaks, chemical spills and/or injuries. It is an approach that considers the present and the future—and learns from the past. Using practices, resources, and pay scales that value the renewable resources of a productive earth, clean air, potable water, and fulfilled workers supports the long-term viability of us all.

Organic is efficient: Nurturing both local and global environments, the health of clients and gardeners alike; superior flavor and security of long-term food supplies; wise use of water. These are all part of the productive process of organic gardening that makes it efficient in the long-term.

Organic is cost-effective: In the long-term, sustainable practices that maintain renewable resources becomes more cost-effective than artificially boosting, draining, and replacing depleted soils and the excessive water they consume.

Organic is safe: This is the safety of its ”tools” and their impact on workers, the environment, and all living beings who share in it. Moving beyond the use of toxic chemicals and a careful application of organic fertilizers demonstrate organic farming’s potential of being ideally safe.

Organic values animals and other living systems: Whether its your pets, visiting wildlife, or the inherent beauty of the natural world, from microscopic soil subsystems to the splendor of wild and cultivated plants, organic approaches sustain a reverence for beauty and diversity.

Under the leadership of founder Mariela Guastavino, teams of highly skilled gardeners are assigned to each client based on the unique goals, opportunities, and/or challenges of each garden. As they carefully tend to your garden, a wide range of organic practices are used.

To schedule an evaluation and walk-through, or to learn more, please call us at : 310-452-5064 or contact us via email at info@lequattrostagioni.us

We look forward to the pleasure of visiting your grounds and learning more about your dream garden!