Our Organic Practices

Under the leadership of founder Mariela Guastavino, teams of highly skilled gardeners are assigned to each client based on the unique goals, opportunities, and/or challeneges of each garden. As they carefully tend to your garden, they incorporate a wide range of organic practices, which offer a myriad of long-term benefits.

Building Healthy Soil
The soil is the soul of your garden. This is one of the cornerstones of organic gardening - a beautiful, successful garden starts literally from the ground up. Feed the soil and the soil feeds the plants. Mariela's extensive training, including an advanced education in Agronomic Engineering, enables her to guide her teams in making your soil as healthy as possible. Think natural health not steroid health! Healthy soil promotes strong vigorous plants that are inherently more capable of resisting disease, pest, and insect attack.

Adding Organic Matter
Le Quattro Stagioni will develop and maintain an evolving, soil building and fertilization program. This program uses only select, custom-blended organic fertilizers specifically crafted for each area of your garden.

Adding organic matter and proper fertilizers is an investment in your garden. The many positive effects on your soil include:

  • Improving soil structure, texture and aeration
  • Increase water infiltration rate and organic content
  • Providing the broad palette of nutrients to plant roots supporting growth, full blooms, and great fruits from your trees
  • Improving soil structure, texture and aeration
  • Increasing organic content
  • Fertilizing the soil
  • Providing the broad palette of nutrients to plant roots, supporting growth, full blooms, and great fruits from your trees
  • Helping the soil to hold more water (a good thing in arid California)

Pest Mangement
For many, when considering a transition to an organic garden, it is concerns about pests that raise doubts. Can an organic approach really work in managing pests? The answer is a resounding yes.

In fact, an Integrated Pest Management Program (IMP), created specifically to work with your garden's natural cycles and interconnected populations, is likely to be far more successful. The use of chemical pesticides typically creates short-term success, followed by counter-productive imbalances and boom-bust-boom pest infestations.

Using a variety of organic approaches including soil building, irrigation management, introduction of beneficial organisms (such as ladybugs), and encouraging natural predators (birds, butterflies, etc) through plant choices, Le Quattro Stagioni can safely assist in handling pest problems that occur. Learn more about pest management.

Irrigation Management
Grass areas, annuals, native and non-native plants, trees -and subsets of each of these populations- all require different irrigation levels. The careful monitoring and management of water use, especially in Southern California, is a foundational element of a successful organic garden.

Whether recalibrating poorly functioning existing irrigation, planning and installing new systems, or collaborating with owners in designing a transition to low water irrigation, Le Quattro Stagioni staff have the knowledge and practical skills to address these questions from an organic perspective. Learn more about our irrigation management practices.

To schedule an evaluation and walk-through, or to learn more, please call us at : 310-452-5064 or contact us via email at info@lequattrostagioni.us

We look forward to the pleasure of visiting your grounds and learning more about your dream garden!