Founder and Owner of Le Quattro Stagioni, Mariela Guastavino


From her very earliest years, Mariela Guastavino developed a love of the outdoors, spending joy-filled hours on the grounds of a beautiful country house owned by her family. It was there that she began and nurtured a deep and abiding respect for the nature, the earth, and an enduring curiosity for understanding and protecting the miraculous cycles of life.

A native of Argentina, who moved to the United States in 1991, Mariela has tended gardens on three continents and in numerous climate types. She is extensively schooled in advanced Agronomic Engineering and Landscape Design, and also earned a graduate degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

Ms. Guastavino is renowned for both the level of excellence she brings to her work and for her unique ability to assist clients in clarifying their personal vision for their garden ... and making that vision a reality, all while using sustainable and organic practices.

Mariela and her hand-picked teams at Le Quattro Stagioni have been beautifying, renovating, tending to, and maintaining premier gardens and organizational green spaces for more than 15 years. Even now, Mariela still insists on personally selecting and assigning her teams of skilled gardeners to each client, based on the particular needs and goals of each one.

Each team member not only draws upon many years of individual experience but also cherishes Mariela's own genuine love of the soil and a heartfelt reverence for the natural world.

Mariela selected the name of her company, Le Quattro Stagioni (which in Italian means, 'The Four Seasons') in honor of one of the most influential people in her life, her grandmother. Both treasured companion and mentor, her grandmother helped her develop a sophisticated eye for harmony, balance, and beauty in a garden. The Four Seasons composition by Vivaldi was one of her grandmother's favorite compositions.

Mariela's intention in her work-and that of her teams-is to consistently bring forward the qualities her grandmother demonstrated in her own life. Love, respect, caring, attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and integrity in word and action.